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Your support has been amazing (bye 2020!)

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all keeping well and managing in these tough times.

Since April I’ve been working hard on my mission to make and deliver as many creative care packs as possible to young cancer patients, and have to say that I’ve been totally overwhelmed with the amount of support I’ve been given. After initially setting out to raise just £300, the total raised now stands at an incredible £2,350! I honestly can’t believe how generous and kind everyone has been – it’s amazing!

These past few months I’ve been very busy making up as many packs as possible (my lounge has looked like santa’s grotto for the last 6 months – stacked full of colouring books, boxes, games, sewing kits, colouring pencils and so much more).

One of the reasons I wanted to write this blog is because I wanted to tell you about all the amazing things your donations have enabled me do:

- Provide over 200 creative packs to young cancer patients, who are now more isolated then ever before due to Covid

- Creative packs for partially sighted and blind cancer patients – a big thanks to my Instagram followers and RNIB for providing some great ideas for these packs!

- Supplying sensory activities to patients (LED lights)

- Christmas creative packs

- New Year Eve special packs (in production)

- Support from Cancer Research UK, NHS, Royal Marsden and local press

Supporting the mental wellbeing of young cancer patients is more important than ever before, facing cancer now is even more lonely and scarier. Having had chemo myself for many years when I was a teenager, I found moments of crafty activities (when I was feeling up to it) really helped. The aim of these packs is to provide a bit of mindfulness, and moments of relaxation – something to do at the times when taking your mind off things is really needed.

Thank you sooo much everyone, I look forward to continuing my mission in 2021.

Wishing you all a healthy Christmas!

Lottie x

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