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Our first delivery, delivered to the Royal Marsden, Sutton.

Updated: May 17, 2020

Hello and welcome to my first blog post.

My mission is to provide as many creative packs to young cancer patients, who are now more isolated than ever before due to Covid19. The purpose of these packs is to provide patients with crafts and puzzles, which will hopefully provide hours of entertainment. This is an incredibly important mission and I'm excited to announce that we have made our first delivery!

Ten Creative Packs were delivered to patients on the #TeenageCancerTrustUnit (TCTU) at #TheRoyalMarsden, Sutton. I have since received a request for more packs from the hospital as patients loved them so much, as a result of this I have set up a #GoFundMe page to help.

All creative packs are unique. The theme of these packs were (can you guess)... #Cats, #Llama's and #sausagedogs.

Every pack includes a #milliemarotta #colouringbook

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